Anritsu Checkweigher

Anritsu Checkweigher

Checkweighers are installed on many food, industrial and pharmaceutical production lines for various quality control purposes. Often, the installation of an accurate checkweigher provides profit benefits to the user by controlling filler or scale accuracy to minimize product give away. Systems are also used to assure compliance with label weight regulations and to eliminate consumer complaints associated with missing item or low-weight packaging conditions. Line efficiencies can be tracked and ‘give away’ can be calculated providing an opportunity to stream line production and save costs within the process.

A checkweigher is an important part of a quality control program and a means to provide benefits to the company.

Standard Features:

  • Hundreds of standard engineered designs

  • Standard Load Cell technology Available

  • High Accuracy, High Speed, Force Balance Technology Available

  • Easy to Understand Product Set Up Wizards

  • Auto-Sensitivity Correction Function

  • Auto-Zero Function

  • Small Footprints

  • Modular and Proven Designs

  • Short Lead Times

  • Various Finishes – Paint, Stainless or IP66 Washdown Stainless

  • Key Pad or Touch Screen HMIs

  • Tool Free Cleaning and Belt Maintenance

  • CE Marking

  • EU Compliance

  • Data Logging

  • Histogram Graphing

  • Weigh Platform Curve Feedback Screen

  • Supports Flow Direction Changes

  • Operation History

  • NG History

  • Variable Speed

  • Automatic Power Switching – 110v to 220v

  • Standard Software Assignable I/Os

  • DSP Technology

  • HACCP Support

  • GMP Support

  • Parts List Screen

  • Software Assignable I/Os


Optional Features:

  • Integrated Duw (Dual Wave) Metal Detector

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Upgrade

  • Ethernet Connection

  • RS232 Connection

  • Filler Trending and Communication

  • Reject Confirmation

  • Additional Software Assignable I/Os

  • Online Interface Software

  • USB Data Port

  • Data Printer