Tray Forming Equipment

Tray Forming Equipment

AER Satellite Tray Forming Equipment


For more than 50 years, A.E. Randles manufactured reliable, heavy-duty tray forming equipment. With over 2,000 machines operating around the world making a variety of tray styles,  A.E. Randles became a “Go-To” source for those who needed to produce trays at relatively high speeds. In 2015 Right Stuff Equipment acquired the company and brought production to the Denver site.

Right Stuff Equipment manufactures the entire line of AER tray forming equipment and tooling sets.  The Cam-driven design means the machines are quiet, reliable, low maintenance, with no pneumatics to maintain or replace. The result is the highest level of Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


In 2019 RSE redesigned the AER Model 16-26  now branded the “Satellite II”. The Satellite II has a touchscreen HMI, is PLC controlled, we have improved the safety features while maintaining the reliable mechanical machine design you have grown to appreciate in the formers. The good news is the tooling for your old AER tray forming machines is comparable with the new Satellite II machine!


RSE is still manufacturing and fully supporting the original AER models 10-18, 16-26, 22-34 & 22-44 as well.


Service, support and parts are provided by our customer service and in-house engineering teams.