Vertical Form Fill & Seal

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Equipment - Voyager 1

The Right Stuff Voyager Vertical Form Fill & Seal machine is perfect for most bagging applications. Our machine is an intermittent motion machine capable of being integrated with any type of filler. With cycle speeds up to 120 bags per minute, our vertical form fill & seal machine can handle most speed requirements.

The Voyager has been designed to handle a wide variety of products. The machine includes many standard features such as, stainless steel frame, automatic film tracking, stepper motor drives,  power film unwind, Allen Bradley Controls, and a very user friendly HMI. A full options suite including remote access is available to handle virtually any vertical bagging requirement. In addition to the bagger, we can design and integrate the entire packaging system. A typical packaging system may include a filler, mezzanine, conveyor, inspection, marking and coding with other end of line equipment.


The Voyager is designed and Made in America and fully supported by our team Denver, Colorado.

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