Anritsu Metal Detection Equipment

The ultimate mission of a metal detector is to detect and eliminate minute metal contamination without fail. We have analyzed the concept comprehensively, and reengineered the series from scratch. The Duw series Metal Detectors were developed to allow anyone to obtain highly sensitive and stable basic performance in production line and maximize detection of two phase angles simultaneously.

The Duw (Dual Wave) series utilizes multiple frequency technology and the industry’s first, and Anritsu exclusive, simultaneous 2-frequency magnetic field detecting method. These technologies are coupled with our unique sensing technology such as auto setting algorithm and tracking functions. Software and filtration features provides enhanced and stable sensitivity both to ferrous and non-ferrous metals online and with consistency.


The Anritsu Duw Series Metal Detection Equipment is a small package packed with a significant list of advanced technology to maximize results online and ultimately improve your product quality.

Standard Features

  • Standard Multi-Frequency Technology

  • EXCLUSIVE Dual Wave Technology – Ask for Details!

  • Product Setting Wizard with Back and Forth Calibration Feature

  • 3 pass Update Sensitivity Wizard

  • 1 minute Tool Free Belt Removal for Maintenance

  • Small Footprint – Approximately 50% smaller than the competition

  • Standard Variable Speed Control by recipe

  • Supports Flow Direction Changes via software

  • Standard software assignable I/Os for line control (2 each)

  • Estimated sensitivity feedback

  • Inspection Histograms to define noise sources and chart detection levels

  • Adjustable Conveyor Height in relation to aperture

  • Auto-Stop on Detect

  • No external control boxes – all controls are integrated

  • Standard Photo-Eye Tracking


Optional Features

  • NEW! duw-H ‘Higher’ Sensitivity Technology

  • Reject Confirmation

  • Bin Full Notification

  • IP66 Conveyor Upgrade

  • IP66 Direct Drive Design

  • Reject Systems

  • Line Height Variances

  • Ethernet and USB

  • Printer for data logging

  • Bulk Flow Guides

  • Casters

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